What We Do

Orion Development Associates’ reason for being is to serve you -an individual, nonprofit or business – and help you make the most of your particular strengths, minimize your threats, acquire needed skills, and achieve your goals and dreams.

You and your business are a sum of many parts. At Orion, we provide in depth assessments to identify your special gifts, skills, and imagination, and then the magic begins. You decide what you want to achieve and we help you create a plan and strategies to do just that. We help you align your plan, people, and systems to gain a competitive edge. We help you develop and manage strategic, cultural, and structural changes within your organization.

Most of the time, change precipitates growth. Many of us would describe ourselves as change-averse. We can help you conquer your change in a way that is authentic, and ultimately, sustainable.  It may involve changing your attitude. Or discovering your hidden motivation. Maybe you would like to acquire a new skill, or dramatically hone one you have – what about public speaking, effective communications, fundraising for nonprofits, bulding a strong team, better time management, and emotional intelligence.

Would your coworkers and family describe you as emotionally intelligent? Research tells us that 75% of a leader’s ability to succeed is linked to their understanding of emotional intelligence – just one of a number of opportunities to grow your or your team’s special gifts.

We partner with individual clients to get Measurable Results!

  • Develop individuals to achieve their potential
  • Enhance self-esteem and build confidence
  • Improve interpersonal relationships and feelings of personal fulfillment
  • Develop leadership and internal growth opportunities
  • Align personal and professional goals
  • Develop “big picture” thinking and build positive attitudes

We partner with nonprofit organizations to get Measurable Results!

  • Improve employee satisfaction, attitudes, and morale
  • Develop a cohesive, energized team with a united purpose
  • Break down barriers and foster cooperation
  • Define strategic direction and build commitment
  • Refine organizational vision and purpose and develop and sustain corporate values
  • Conduct Capital Campaigns, Major Gifts, and Annual Funds programs

We partner with businesses to get Measurable Results!

  • Improve quality and enhance capacity
  • Improve communication and effectiveness at all levels
  • Reduce employee turnover, stress, and conflict
  • Reduce waste, errors, and organizational costs
  • Improve customer satisfaction and customer-focused growth

Improve the bottom line

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