Nonprofit Solutions

You seek to achieve greater results for your nonprofit organization.

  • Align more closely your organization’s work with your mission and vision.
  • Create and implement a Strategic Plan that resonates through your entire organization.
  • Encourage team building at every level including Executive Team to improve communications and processes, both internally and with your constituents.
  • Help your greatest asset – your people – do more, and in doing more increase productivity and morale.
  • Motivate your service team to transform the constituent experience with your organization, creating repeat business, loyal members, and more referrals.
  • Develop increased funding for existing programs, to pilot strategic ventures, to make the most of growth opportunities. Capital campaigns, major gifts, annual funds.
  • Build a larger constituent base to increase revenues and philanthropic support.

If these or other growth opportunities come to mind, we can help you in ways that will achieve results. First and foremost, we will address your greatest need. We will utilize your greatest asset, your people, to do so.

You know the limitations of training. Often, you don’t get results you were looking for, so you try another training, yet again the results fall short. That is because training often focuses on skills and knowledge but much less on attitudes.

Our processes will help your organization’s employees do more of what they have already been trained to do. We will help your organization develop a culture where continuous improvement, higher levels of achievement, standards of excellence, and exceeding expectations prevail. The results are immediate and life changing!

Contact us to learn more about how your organization can begin realizing its goals.

We help you with:

  • Strategic Planning
  • Executive and Management Team Building
  • Board Development
  • Constituent Service
  • Fundraising – Capital campaigns, major gifts, annual funds, development office operations.

“I have had five different outside people comment on the changes they have observed since the program started. They used words like Things are different around here. People are now working together in a collaborative way I didn’t see before. This place is alive all of a sudden! When I came in here two months ago this place was like a morgue! What did you do?” – Financial Institution

“I never would have believed that we would accomplish the expectations that were set out in the first meeting, but we did!” – Service Industry

“Our decision to invest time and money in the Executive Leadership program was based upon the realization that our management and leadership sensibilities needed stimulation and enrichment. Although we started the program with some skepticism and doubt, all of us quickly realized the power of the material. For the first time in our 15 year history we established a company Vision, defined Core Values, and started implementing Organizational Goals in a manner that would foster their achievement.” – Communications Industry