About Us

Orion Development Associates offers a fresh approach to people and organizational development, utilizing best practices, and encouraging measurable results-oriented solutions to achieve goals. Individuals in any profession from new employees to CEO and those in transition benefit from our proven processes. Our expertise with not-for-profit organizations also includes identifying and developing fundraising leaders and teams, development strategy and implementation, capital campaigns, major gifts, annual funds. With small businesses, our work in people and process development helps achieve immediate results and longterm strategic growth.

Lauren L. Logan, President, Orion Development Associates, brings 30 plus years of experience raising millions in funding for nonprofit organizations including VillageCare, Columbia University Medical Center, and Fifth Avenue Presbyterian Church – and achieving millions in sales in the wholesale apparel business for Pacific Coast Highway and Speedo (Warnaco) and as an independent contractor representing several apparel lines. My mission is to use my experience in nonprofit organizations and in business, and the time-proven processes of Trusted Advisors, to help people, individuals, and organizations, identify and achieve their dreams, goals, sales plans, and fundraising potential, with results that are measurable and sustainable.

talogo1A Trusted Advisors Network Affiliate 

Orion Development Associates is affiliated with the Trusted Advisors Network. We are a world-class leader in the areas of business and management consulting, life/business coaching and training, youth leadership, and leadership development. We are dedicated to helping organizations and individuals manage strategic change, innovation, cultural transition, and goal achievement. Our clients' results are measured by quantum jumps in productivity, performance, cost reduction, and asset utilization. Our approach is tailored to meet organizational and individual needs with proven processes. Since our inception in 1978, our unique approach has not changed: to help people become more productive and effective by linking individual performance to organizational performance. 

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“Most importantly, I have become more confident in my abilities as a loan officer and a salesperson, in addition to my increased self-confidence as a human being.” – Financial Institution

“Our annual sales review was amazing—we were blessed with huge growth during a very rough economy. Our business grew nearly $1 million in the past 18 months and we wanted to identify why. When I looked at the calendar, it became rather obvious. This dramatic sales increase started as we were completing your Sales and Leadership development project.” – Insurance Industry