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What Our Clients Are Saying

I have known Lauren for many years and, during our every interaction, have been consistently impressed with her insight, candor, and intelligence. Those qualities are, in fact, immediately apparent the moment anyone meets Lauren, and only magnify over time. However, what has truly made me realize how extraordinary Lauren is, particularly as a coach, has been observing the impact she has had on those she has worked with. It is always a powerful and beautiful thing when you see someone transform inside and become a greater, more engaging, and more radiant version of themselves. When you see that happen, and the person attributes it all to the work they did with the incredible Lauren Logan ... well, that is simply the most authentic and hard-hitting endorsement there is. I have seen Lauren's work on her clients, I have felt the impact of those positive changes on them, and I have heard those same clients rave about her for a long time afterwards. Witnessing a life forever improved is the greatest testament there is to the abilities of their coach. And so this paragraph is that testament to Lauren. I recommend her without reservation.
Motivational Speaker and Business Coach, NYC