What the Four-Day Workweek and Emotional Intelligence Have in Common

Christine Emba’s opinion piece on the four-day workweek encapsulates the discussion on why emotional intelligence has the power to be so powerful in the workplace. As the article eloquently states, the popular argument for instituting the four-day workweek centers on the potential for increased productivity in companies that have tried it. Yet the real benefit may not be in making more “things” or securing more contracts, but in making employees better workers. How? By helping them become better people. Through increased time to connect with family and friends, pursue skills and crafts they’ve long yearned to develop, give more time to think and reflect and discover more about themselves and their communities and their own reason for being. Can you imagine a world in which the argument that pushed such an initiative to widespread adoption focused on the real-time benefits to the workers? Let the envisioning, and taking action, begin!

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