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Your biggest asset in business is your people. For many employers, that was proven again and again during 2020 and 2021. Now as workers come back to the office full time or hybrid, or settle into permanently working from home, managers and leaders want to make sure the transitions are smooth and disruptions are mitigated.

Management is also keenly aware of the labor shortage, of employee disengagement they expect but don’t yet know the details of, and perhaps even their own ambivalence about how the company functioned during the pandemic.  We can help you and your staff identify those needs. Your needs may be completely original to you and your company. Solutions, too, are “bespoke” – in other words – yes, we have processes, but how and if they are deployed depends solely on their ability to produce the results you want.

Have you ever tried training to help you achieve results? Most times you don’t get those long-term results you’re looking for, so you try yet another training, but you still never see any results. Training often focuses on skills and knowledge, and only tangentially, on attitude.

Our focus is on helping you and your employees do more of what they have already been trained to do. We help your team discover and develop their potential in ways that will benefit them personally and professionally.

How about trying a radically different approach? A process that actually gives you a return on your investment and value for your dollar—Results!

  • We help you create a powerful Strategic Plan, one you’ll keep in mind each day. If your plan was created prior to 2021, you know revisiting it is essential.
  • We work with your Executive Team to grow their leadership skills and help them achieve personal and professional goals they may have put aside.
  • Your management team is pivotal to your success and their buy-in, essential. Do they reflect your company’s culture? Are they motivated? What do they need most from their leaders?
  • Want to lower the failure rate of first-time managers promoted from the ranks? Teach them how to become managers – an investment whose “returns” include better communications, less turnover, and increased productivity.
  • What about sending your sales team on a trajectory of personal development that allows them to tweak their sales approach to better match their values?

What do you most need? We’re here to help you find the perfect solution that will drive results!

Recommendations from Workshops and Presentations at Events

Lauren’s Goal Achievement Workshop is very informative and delivered well, at a perfect pace. I learned how to juggle my personal and professional “big picture”!
Graphic Designer/Marketing Co. NYC
After this webinar, my key action item is to set measurable goals I can achieve in the next six months.
Consultant/Finance and Nonprofit NYC
Great workshop! Lauren is a lovely guide to goal setting. Her style lets people come to their own conclusions at their own pace, yet keeps us on track. I know exactly what I need to do now.
Vocal and Performance Coach [Small business owner] NY and FL
A highly professional presentation that was a informational and useful. Lauren’s presentation showed how much she cares about sharing her expertise with others.
Telemarketing specialist NYC
Achieving Your Goals Workshop was a well-organized, timely webinar. The topics were well presented and registrants had a great opportunity to engage, interact and participate. I loved thinking about my business' short and long range, and tangible/intangible goals. The reflection and conversation helped me evaluate how various pieces of the"pie" interrelate with and impact the whole.
Brand and Marketing Strategist CT
This workshop is pushing me to think further about my goals and what I want to accomplish.
Nonprofit Fundraising Director NYC
I’m thinking about a new career, and this workshop helped me make some hard-to-define wants and needs into something real and tangible. Lauren is very positive, relatable and personable.
Government employee NYC
I discovered an action I can do right now to improve my sales process. Lauren created a safe environment to be vulnerable in.
Bookkeeper NY, NJ

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