For Individuals

DISC – A Great Way To Start:

Would you like to communicate better? Have a more engaged and collaborative team? The DISC assessment provides a powerful universal language showing how you prefer to do what you do, and the environments in which you perform at the top of your game.

Style Insights® is TTI SI’s DISC assessment tool built around Marston’s four unique behavioral factors that explore the way we approach problems, people, pace, and procedures in our daily lives.

The four DISC components (Dominance, Influence, Steadiness and Compliance) create a behavioral makeup unique to every individual.

Implementing your findings will result in improved communication, better and more efficient talent discover and recruitment, and reduce workplace conflicts.

The 12 Driving Forces

The Drivers Of Your Life In Action:

Discover and reveal what motivates you. Begin to understand the why behind your actions, and those of your team members.

The 12 Driving Forces is an assessment tool that measures what really drives us. It is built around six basic areas of motivation that people experience on any given day. It will reveal unique strengths, help you hire and develop talent better, and increase your and your employees’ productivity.

TriMetrix® HD – One Assessment, Comprehensive Results

When it’s important to quickly understand a person at their deepest level, TriMetrix® HD reveals precise details of behaviors, drivers, skills and capacity in one impactful report.

You will be able to see the most accurate and detailed picture of your “how”  (you prefer to do what you do), your “why” (you do what you do, what motivates you), and your “What” (your unique way of thinking that is pivotal to your success today and in the future).

Implementing your results can help you revitalize your business and maximize strengths to achieve your goals authentically, powerfully.

For Organizations

As businesses and nonprofits move forward in these chaotic times that affect every aspect of their work from the bottom line to customer and employee loyalty, market share and new opportunities, alignment of each organization will profoundly affect your success.

D.I.AL.O.G (Data Indicating Alignment of Organizational Goals) is an organizational assessment tool that provides information as to how well critical elements are working together to achieve business and strategic goals. It also identifies which of these critical elements are working against you. Our approach is unique in that we measure the interrelationships of the essential elements that become the predictors of future strength.

The D.I.AL.O.G. Assessment provides a comprehensive perspective of the business based on the criteria for Performance Excellence as used by the Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Program.

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